Sunday, March 2, 2014

March Quilting~Scrappy Bow Ties ~ Habitat Quilt~ And Junkin’

Yesterday was our March quilting day, and Renea brought all the precut pieces, all individually kitted up for each of us, to sew together. She didn’t really have a name for her variation of the Bow Tie block, so I named it ‘Scrappy Bow Ties’. I love how they turned out, and I love that she only used blues in lights and darks. The results are dramatic. She found her inspiration HERE, and chose this layout.

South Fork-20140301-01412

The blocks are not sewn together yet here in this photo, and who knows? She may move them around yet to find her perfect layout, but I love the way it looks.


When our name is drawn to teach a block, we also get to choose what color or theme of fabric for everyone to bring, and the person choosing gets double fabric. Renea chose browns. Delicious!!!


Here is my sweet friend Renea. I keep telling her she needs a blog, but she keeps resisting. (HINT HINT!!!!) She made this cute wall hanging for the nursery of her ‘soon to arrive’ grand daughter! She is so talented!

South Fork-20140301-01409

Renea also is very sweet, and she cut this quilt kit out for me last week, as I really do not enjoy the ‘cutting’ part of quilting. I am sewing it together for the Park View Ladies. It will be presented to a recipient at a Habitat for Humanity dedication ceremony sometime this summer.


I started sewing it yesterday. The bottom half of the block reminds me of that one piece of Brach’s candy, or neapolitan ice cream!


This is the focal block. I hope to work on it today, and if I get the top sewn together, I will come back here and update.


Update: Sunday 6 pm. Finished! It measures roughly 61 x 80 inches.


For some reason, I had a very hard time trying to capture the true color of the border. Oh…..well……


After quilting, and after everyone had gone home, it was snowing. The snow started about an hour earlier, but we still decided to go junkin’. Saturday seems to be the day that Louie and I go junkin’. It is ‘OUR’ day, sort of. I fretted about the weather, but Louie said it would be ok.

Last week, I saw this cake pedestal stand at one of the thrift stores, but I did not buy it. I wished I had all week long, and I told myself that if it was there yesterday, I would buy it. The fact that some of the quilting girls were admiring some of the other pieces of my glassware this same color, just yesterday, made me want it even more. When we got back to the store, I thought it had been sold, because it was not sitting where it had been the week before, so I just passed it off as ‘missing out’. I was keeping my eyes open and searching throughout the whole store though, hoping that it had just been moved, and actually, just as I was ready to head out the door, I saw it, and procrastinated no more! I’m so glad I bought it. It is so pretty. It measures 9” across the top, so it is not a huge piece. It will fit in my cabinet very nicely!


I also found a little fabric. Total estimated yardage: 10+. Total price: $3.76.


After we had gone to all the thrift stores we could, we had a burger at Wendy’s, stopped at Dollar General for a few things, and headed home. The snow on the ground was light and fluffy, so it was blowing all over, being kicked up by cars. We were behind two cars going very slow, with only one lane open, and it was still snowing….the kind of snow that looks like it is coming right at you, and would poke you right in the eye if it could get to you, although you cannot see that effect in this photo. You will just have to take my word for it. Between Friday night, and yesterday’s snow, we probably got about 6” on top of what we already had. Hurry spring!


Even with the snow, and low visibility, spending yesterday with so many people I love, during quilting, and with my sweetie, it was a wonderful day. I hope yours was wonderful too!

Have a blessed Sunday!


Ps! Only one more week and we ‘Spring Forward’!!!!



Renea said...

You are the sweetest to blog about me. It was a wonderful day of laughter and quilting.

Cheryl's Teapots2Quilting said...

Looks like you had a fun day, all around. Guess what? My hubby thinks we may have a mouse in our garage now. Oh well, as long as it stays OUTSIDE.

Hazel said...

Your quilt is lovely and that cake plate is awesome I can see why you went back for it .

dqlts said...

I love the Blue scrappy Bow Tie! Blue is one of my favorite choices. And the Habitat quilt is lovely! I believe you were meant to have that cake stand. It's beautiful! What a find! You were so lucky that it was still there.
In looking at your machines, we have a lot of the same ones. I wouldn't trade my old machines for a new one any day of the week.


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