Sunday, December 7, 2014

December Quilting~Christmas Exchange~Birthday~ Red & White

December 6th was our Loose Tensions Quilting day, Christmas potluck and gift exchange. No sewing was done. Our dear friend and group member Christie has been going through some issues with her back and neck and ended up having some pretty major surgery at the end of November. She was at home recuperating, and we wanted her to be a part of our day as much as she wanted to be a part of it as well, so we took our gifts and went to Christie’s!


Her great grandson entertained us, as his grandma Emily was there as well. What a cutie!



This year, we drew names for Secret Santa gifts and bought for only one, instead of buying for everyone. We set a dollar limit, which was very generous, and I think everyone loved their gifts, although, again, I didn’t capture everyone’s loot.




My sisterinlove Polly had Kate’s name. Kate loves the Iowa State Cyclones. One of Kate’s gifts from Polly was a sewing machine lamp, like the one Jack made for me. Polly decorated the base of the carrier in Cyclone’s fabric.  



By the end of all the opening of gifts, Christie was pretty tired, so we came back here, celebrated Margaret’s birthday with gifts, (sorry, no photos) and ate our potluck dinner. By that time, it was pretty well time to call it a day.

No one left though, until we had our Fat Quarter exchange, which was Red and White. Leslie chose it, and we were supposed to sew a block for a donation quilt, but that just didn’t happen. Not enough hours in the day.

Yum Yum! Woven candy!!!!


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Debbie said...

Y'all must have had so much fun. I wish I could find a nice quilting group in my area. Or I lived closer to yours! I want to wish you two a very wonderful Christmas.


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