Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Happy New Hair

Louie’s new job working under the hood of cars hasn’t helped his already unruly hair. It was a big decision, but he finally decided to let go and buzz it.


We went to a ‘fast hair shop’ on Saturday for the initial cut, then we went to Farm and Fleet and purchased a set of clippers and Sally Beauty Supply for a new cape. I will be his new barber. The cost of the clippers was about the same price as a cut (with a tip.) This will definitely be a money saver.



He went from this…


to this. I think he looks younger, and I think it makes his ‘balding’ head look like he actually has more hair. It should always be neat, make it faster to get ready in the morning, and when we are on the motorcycle, no more helmet hair to hide with a ball cap when we stop!


My handsome man. Red heart (Yes, I do know I am a bit biased). Red heartRed heart


Renea said...

Like the new "do' Louie. I have cut my guys hair for more than 20 yrs Sure saves alot of money. He always volunteers to cut my hair. LOL I am sure that will never happen. :)

kath001 said...

I think it looks nice! And it makes it so much handier not to have to schedule a 'store-bought' haircut.

My sweetie does his own, and a few months ago started cutting without remembering to attach a length guard to the clipper first. It ALL came off...after a moment's shock, we laughed and laughed. :) In for a penny, in for a pound at that point, so he just had to keep going.

Tamera said...

After my hubby and I were married for a couple years, I finally convinced him to buzz his hair, too. I agree, it made him look younger, and I buzz his hair at home. Big money saver! Lou looks great!

Packrat said...

Louise is looking good. ;) When John's hair turned white & he started to go bald, I talked him into buzz cutting his hair. Looks so much neater. Our son (a mechanic) has buzz cut his hair for years. Sounds like Louie has lots of good company.

Lori @ Back Porch Ramblings said...

He has such a kind face. :)

Elizabeth said...

Handsome either way. Congrats on the job!


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