Monday, March 21, 2016

March Quilting~Batiks

So March is coming swiftly to a close, and I realized that I had not posted anything about our March quilting day, which was on March 5th. I guess there’s not a lot to report, but I like to make blog posts for my own sake, as a record of our day.

We had a couple birthdays to celebrate. Christie and Patty.  Christie brought a couple trays of fresh veggies and fruits with dips (YUM!!!) and then a HUGE cookie with jelly beans on top. Again, no pictures. I think someone needs to fire the photographer!!!

Most of us just worked on our own things. I sewed together another quilt top for the Park View quilting group, then decided that I liked it too much to let them have it back. WHAT???!!!  Surprised smile I sent a message to the group leader and told her I would work out a deal with her. She sent back a message saying that the girls and she decided they would like me to have it for the help I have given them. They are such nice gals!


I shopped eBay until I found this fabric to use as an outer border, and was still pondering what I would use as an inner border.


Later on, I found some black fabric in my stash with small white flowers printed on it. I think it will play together with what I have just fine. I still haven’t sewn them together or finished the top, but I did lay it out so I could visualize what it would look like.


KT worked on a quilt for a special person she had in mind, and although I didn’t get a photo afterwards, she actually had it quilted and finished up the next day! She reminds me a lot of how I used to be….Thinking smile (sigh….)


I bought some new Panasonic 360* irons for our group. They are cordless and pointed on both ends. I think the girls liked them.



Last but certainly not least, Patty chose batiks when her name was drawn in February, so here are the beautiful fabrics she received. Yummy!


Thanks for stopping by.


Cheryl's Teapots2Quilting said...

Are the cordless irons heavy?

Packrat said...

Sounds like you had a fun day. The quilt is lovely. You deserve to keep it for all your work. Hope all is well your direction. Hugs

Packrat said...

PS Love the color combinations!

kath001 said...

So nice that they appreciate you and gifted you with one you really love. It is beautiful. Love the border fabrics you chose.


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