Sunday, March 23, 2008

Good Friday Milwaukee Snow Run

Louie took the day off work on Good Friday, and Good Friday was a holiday for me, so we planned to go to Milwaukee and see Jen and Cindy. We had our trip planned a few weeks in advance, and when the weather reports started looking bad, I was hesitant, but Louie was not. We decided to go anyway. God knows we are silly, so He AGAIN, took the journey with us, and was our co-pilot. The roads were dry, for about the first 20 miles, then it started snowing. This is how the roads looked most of the way to Milwaukee. I can still see the road, can't you?

Louie was acting silly when I asked him if he was nervous about driving. He of course, wasn't, but he had to put on his 'nervous, scared' face, anyway.
I thought a self portait was appropriate about that time. Gorgeous, not? NOT! Don't you just love that double chin? Might as well love it, I think it's here to stay!
The snow did become worse the closer we got to Milwaukee. Probably the last 30 minutes of the trip were the worst.
Here is one of the pictures I took while Jen and Cindy were riding around town in the snow with us. Can you believe we were looking for some stores to be open? Well, it didn't happen. We did get to eat at Hawg City Grill though!
Louie and I stayed in the Best Western Inn in downtown Milwaukee across the street from the VA Hospital. We stayed there two nights. This is a picture from the lobby while I was waiting for Cindy to pick me up the next morning.I went with Jen and Cindy on Saturday to some quilt shops, and and Louie went to a pool hall for the day. We also hit a couple Goodwills and Cindy found some nice lamps. I found a really nice quilted table runner for $2.99. Can you believe it was done in the colors I love? Now tell me, why would anyone donate something this nice? I don't care! It's mine now! The back looks fabulous too! I think it may find a home hanging on a wall.
Here is another picture of the just how much snow we got. I heard 14 or 15". This was just one of the hotel guests vehicles before loading up to go home the next morning.
So the storm was Friday, and Saturday it pretty much cleared up and melted, and the picture below was taken on our way home from Milwaukee on Sunday. The weather was beautiful. Louie and I had a great time with Jen and Cindy, and we were glad we made the trip.Here's just another picture of my sweet husband and chauffeur Louie. He is so good to me, and I love him more than life.
Thank you Jen and Cindy for a wonderful time, and for making us feel so welcome, once again!
Louie and I love you both!


Carla said...

You and Louie must have the same motto as the post office .."Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night stays these couriers from the swift completion of their appointed rounds", or in your case, from visiting Jen and Cindy!

Jen said...

we had a beyond fabulous time with you guys!! I'm so glad that you made it both ways safe and sound!!


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