Saturday, September 13, 2008

Quilting Girlfriends

Today our quilting group started up again after a summer break. Our group meets in the basement of my home. It was SEW nice. We started a new tradition today, (Thanks, Christie, for thinking of this) which we call 'Sharing Time'. At 10am, we light a candle, stop what we are doing, and take turns sharing joys and concerns about what has been going on in our lives. This is also the time we 'Show and Tell' our quilting and sewing projects, family pictures, etc. This 'Show and Tell' time will eliminate 'showing' three or four different times when someone new shows up, and we get our S&T out again. Today it took about an hour, as there are 11 of us gals, and we caught up on three months worth of 'sharing', but it shouldn't take that long in the future. In the past, it has been so hectic with everyone moving around, that some of us have gone home and have missed out on important things in others lives. It just is such a nice time to share in each other's lives. We also have a fat quarter exchange each month, and although today we didn't exchange, this will also be the time to do that. Each month we pick up our stack of fat quarters, and when we look at them, we have no idea who brought which one. Each of us have certain color and style preferences, and after awhile, you can almost guess who brought which one, but in the future, we will have our own stack of FQ's in front of us, pass them around, then we will know what each person chose for the month. Our quilt group is very informal, no rules, no dues, just good friends getting together and sharing our lives.Today, we also celebrated three birthdays. Polly and Kate's birthdays were in August, and Jeanne's is coming up in a few weeks. We brought cards and birthday gifts, Margaret baked a delicious cake, and we had ice cream. Some of the girls ordered lunch from Happy Joe's, and some of us planned our own. Of course, we also had snacks! I feel so blessed to have my quilting friends. We all care about each other so much, and each of us look forward to the time together. Everyone seemed so happy to be back after our summer break. Welcome back Polly, Jeanne, Christie, Patty, Kate, Margaret, Leslie, Mrs. D, Barb, and Renea!


I find fellowship with Your people. Today I found myself lonely, longing to have friends. Thank you for reminding me that there are those with whom I have a very special bond. In fact, you urge me to find my friends among Your people. It is with them that friendship takes on another element--we are all part of the same family. Your family. Therefore, we can encourage each other in a spiritual journey through life. Thank You, Lord, for Your wisdom and encouragement.
Amen (from Everyday Prayers for Everyday Cares for Women)

I am a friend to all those who fear You, And of those who keep Your precepts. Psalm 119:63


Lori said...

Sounds like a lot of fun. I used to go to a quilting class about once a month or two, but then was babysitting on Thursday nights for the grandkids and stopped. I don't have them on Thursdays anymore so I may have to start again!

Hazel said...

Sounds like a good time was had by all ,I love some of your sharing idea's .How nice of you to be hostess every month ,I'm sure they appreciate it .

Amelia said...

What fun...I bet the laughter did flow ever so ready.

Excellent idea about setting aside a period of time for "show and tell" among you ladies.

Have a fabulous week...


Angie said...

I so wish I had a group like yours to get together with. We women really need bonding time together to share about our ups and downs in life. I guess I need to take the initiative and invite some people over and try to start some kind of group myself. Maybe we could do some kind of craft at each meeting and ofcourse, EAT! You have inspired me to maybe have the courage to get this together. Thanks!

Kristie said...

Sounds like a wonderful time!!! It's nice that you all can meet that way. I enjoy our little guild meetings too!


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