Sunday, December 13, 2009

We have a Winner!

My friend Lori guessed what Louie was fixing yesterday. She guessed a Ford Fuel Pump (for my 1998 Ford Windstar Van). You know, you just have to have one of those that work to get you down the road!

dan and lori

Lori is a sweetie, and if you have never visited her site, go visit Lori.  Louie and I have had the privilege of meeting Lori and her husband Dan, and feel very blessed to call them friends. Here was Lori’s guess:

Is it a Ford fuel pump??? I have to confess on calling in the big guns on this one.

Hmmm…now since Dan was the one who identified the part, who do I send the surprise to? Dan, or Lori? louie                                                       Be blessed,                                      Michelle

Jesus is the Reason for the Season


Lori said...

I was thinking maybe an auto part but he nailed it down as a Ford part. He said "it must be a Ford cuz it doesn't look like anything I've ever seen on a GM." Can you tell we're mostly a GM family? However, there is a vehicle that starts with that "F" word in our shed now. :) He used to say he'd get a rash if he drove a Ford but now kind of likes that truck. I think I'll wait until he wakes up from his nap to tell him the big news that he's a "winner."

Amelia said...

The big question is: did Louie get one back in your vcehicle so you can go to work tomorrow?

If I was a betting woman I would say yes he did.

Valerie said...

Who would have ever thunk it? (Is thunk a word?) So is it fixed??


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