Saturday, July 24, 2010

Hi, I Won’t Be In To Work On Monday Because I Can’t Get My Pants On!

We did an awful lot of EATING while on vacation. Ok, so I will go to work, but I might have to wear my sweat pants!

On the way home, while we were going through Warsaw, Indiana, I spotted a sign for this cute diner. Schoop’s Hamburgers. We were thinking about lunch, and so we stopped. What a treat!

Vacation Sudbury to Home 175 Vacation Sudbury to Home 195 Vacation Sudbury to Home 177

My burger was called the Mickey. Louie and I split the fries. See the basket of fries. That is ONE serving.

 Vacation Sudbury to Home 186

We also shared this ice cream.

Vacation Sudbury to Home 188 

The ceiling has tin tiles.

Vacation Sudbury to Home 184Vacation Sudbury to Home 181 

Isn’t it cute?

Vacation Sudbury to Home 193 Vacation Sudbury to Home 190Vacation Sudbury to Home 196

Here’s the menu. Click to enlarge.


Stay tuned for more pictures tomorrow of our final day on the road.

Be blessed,




Karly said...

LOL...Sweatpants are a girls best friend. :)

The diner looks like a fun place to go. It gives that "old days" feel! We have a diner here that is called Snoopy's. There are not a lot of them left anymore. At least not around my area.

The food looks soooo good! I can certainly see why the pants would be just a bit tight! haha

shelly said...

How fun! We took Jamie to a diner (not in a cute little "car" like yours) in Poplar Grove a few years back for his birthday :) it was so cute---if you're ever near the area stop in and get your pic taken next to the Elvis statue!

Amelia said...

Eating in a true

To me one of the main things on a vacation is to eat - not to cook it nor do up the dishes...just enjoy the you gained a few ounces - you will be able to lose those soon.

Enjoy you last day off.

jillquilts said...

What a great little place!!! It sure looks good!!

Janet said...

Isn't that the worst part of riding as a passenger on a bike? I know I've gained at least 10 lbs since we've started riding, mostly because we search out wonderful eating places to ride to and then I sit for hours on end just enjoying the scenery going by. But then, isn't that the best part too?! :)

StitchinByTheLake said...

Michelle there's a diner in Lafayette that looks just like that one! We ate there last week and it was really good - they had the biggest home made onion rings I ever saw. I sympathize about the weight gain - I've gained a couple of pounds eating in the cafeteria here. In fact I was just contemplating returning to Weight Watchers to try to maintain where I am! I've been praying for a wonderful and safe trip for you and it looks like those prayers were answered. :) blessings, marlene

Valerie said...

Yummy! I love places like this.


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