Sunday, December 12, 2010

Lots of Sewing

I sewed all day today. Why does it always take a lot longer than you think it will? I made ten rice bags, but can only show you pictures of eight, as I have already given the other two away. I also just gave one of the pool ball rice bags to Louie’s friend Jeff, who is here now, playing pool.  The other one is for Louie.

Sunday 003Sunday 002

I also sewed three sets of hot pads,

Sunday 001

and cut out two more sets, and got them ready to sew.

Sunday 004

While I sewed, I watched Christmas movies. The first one I watched was Prancer. This movie is a MUST see every Christmas season for me. It is an older movie (1989), but I love it!


Veggie Tales Star of Christmas…yes, I watched it, even though it is meant for kids…I’m still a kid!


Christmas Vacation 2…


The Christmas Shoes….


..and The Family Stone.


I am officially pooped, and am going to bed shortly. I hope your day was as wonderful!

Be blessed and have a wonderful week!





Hazel said...

I could use one of those hot pads right now for my back .
Have you ever seen the continuing move of The Christmas Shoes ,I can't think of the name of it right now it was on TV last week ,great movie . I've seen Prancer and your right its a great movie .

Val said...

You deserve a good nights sleep after all that sewing. Are you gonna show us how to make some of those things!!!

That corgi :) said...

Love your Jesus tag! Definitely so true!! All beautiful work you sewed!! Sounds like it was a good thing to do with the weather (which I'm sure had to be a bit "crazy"). And all great choices with the movies!


Tamera said...

Sounds like you got a lot done! How wonderful.

Libby said...

You got a bunch done! and they look great! Very neat!! btw..I love Prancer..that little girl is so sweet when she sings..I always tear up!


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