Friday, January 6, 2012

My Serger Has A TWIN!!!

I guess I’m not scared anymore! Last week, while we were junkin’, I saw this Brother 1034D serger at the Salvation Army ‘AS IS’ store. No guarantees, no refunds, no exchanges. You buy it, it’s yours.

I wasn’t sure I wanted it, but I have been thinking about it all week. I told Louie that I would look today, and if it was there, and I knew it worked, I would get it.

Serger twin 001

Serger twin 002

It was missing the book, and the bag of accessories/feet. Everything else was there, except for two spool caps for the small spools of thread. The two needles were not original, and they were inserted incorrectly.

I got it to work though! Woo hoo! I’m not scared anymore!!!

Serger twin 004

This delapidated box is what it came in. This side actually looks GOOD. The other sides are all taped up and in horrible shape. There is a lady’s name written on one side in marker, and there was an invoice from where it was originally bought.  The store worker removed it when we were checking to see if everything moved smoothly. My guess is that this person whose name is on the box bought it from, broke two needles, got frustrated, and returned it to a local store. Since the box was in horrible shape, with her name on it, and since the accessories and book were missing, Walmart could not return it to Brother, so they donated it to the Salvation Army and wrote it off as a loss.

Serger twin 003

It seems ironic that I would find a ‘new’ serger of the same make and model as my new one, and right after I bought mine. I’m happy I found it, but I’m giddy, that I figured it out and got it working!!! Score one for me!

I’m in a junkin’ mood. I think I’ll go again tomorrow!

Be blessed!



Suzan said...

Let me know if you want to sell one of the twins!

Renea said...

I am impressed. Good for you! I knew the machine whisperer would be able to conquer the serger. Sew happy for you.

Tammy said...

Well done Michelle, I'm glad to read that you have extended your sewing machine rescue to include sergers. Have fun with your new toys.

Amelia said...

Hot Dog...two sergers in just a matter of can load one with one color and the other with a matching color...and serge away.

Andrea said...

Your resourcefulness always amazes me!

Val said...

I think you are the luckiest person I know!!!!

Jeanna said...

You were already a sewing machine rescuer, but now you rescue sergers as well! Yeah for you, sew glad you are enjoying your sergers!

Hazel said...

My goodness I turn my head for a moment and you now have two sergers .Good for you ,you just seem to wish for things and they pop up at a thrift store ,enjoy .

Amy, a redeemed sheep said...

What a great find!!


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