Sunday, March 4, 2012

My Girlfriend Has A New Blog!!!!

I am THRILLED and SEW EXCITED to announce that one of my ‘girls’ from our Loose Tensions quilt group has a blog!!!  Please hop on over and welcome Renea. She is such a sweetie, and filled with SEW MUCH talent. She is a special friend to me (and married to my cousin, although he doesn’t like to admit it…Hi D!!!)

Renea’s blog is HERE! Please go say hello!

Maybe I’ll be back later to show you the goodies I found yesterday junkin’ with my sissy Judy. As for me today, my sweetie and I are off to spend some time with my brother Jack and my sisterinlove Polly. We’ll do a little junkin’, and then we’re going to buy some track lighting for my machine quilting corner.

Have a wonderful day.



Amelia said...

Hopefully you had a great time with your honey. I am going to check out that new blog.

Hazel said...

Can't wait to see your treasures ,hope you had fun today and found the track lighting you wanted .I'll check out your friends blog .

Val said...

I will go and visit her blog as soon as I catch up with you. Due to my hands and shoulder pain, I haven't been blogging too much. Doing better, not well but can't wait to catch up. Love ya!


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