Sunday, June 24, 2012

Brother Blue Mystery

I found a two toned blue Brother Zig Zag sewing machine today, which I just may have to keep (for awhile at least).  It almost looks light green and blue. I guess it can be any color you want it to be.

kenmore brother 014

I don’t know what model it is. I can’t find a model number on it. There is an MZ number on the sewing machine body itself, and there is a serial number on the motor, but nothing to indicate what model number it is. I have googled, and searched google images to find something similar…and I have found some, but those people are stumped as to what model number they have too. I guess it really doesn’t matter, except that it is capable of taking decorative cams, and if I don’t know what cams it takes, it will be hard to find any, if I choose to.

Being a zig zag machine, it only had a straight stitch presser foot on it, and a straight stitch needle plate. I was able to find a zig zag needle plate, by searching for Brother parts, and by comparing the straight stitch needle plate with a drawing of the zig zag plate. I got one of those ordered, and it wasn’t too badly priced. $6, I think. The spool pin was missing, so I had Louie modify the bracket and put a singer spool pin on it. I stole the zig zag presser foot off of a Brother I am scrapping out, and the bobbin case was missing the spring and screw, but thank Goodness I had another spare, so I think we’re about ready to test sew with it, but not until the zz plate gets here. I cleaned and oiled it, and surprisingly, there was nothing ‘stuck’. I replaced the bobbin tire as well, as it was brittle and crumbling. I think this machine is kind of cute. The plates and emblems remind me of a vintage car.

Here’s some before and after pictures .

kenmore brother 010

kenmore brother 011

kenmore brother 014

kenmore brother 012

kenmore brother 017

kenmore brother 013

kenmore brother 020

kenmore brother 016

kenmore brother 019

I’m going to do some juggling with some sewing machine cases and get this machine in a case.

If you know what model this machine is, please let me know. It might be nice to find some cams and see what other things this machine can do. I don’t know of a Brother sewing machine identification database, like Singer and Kenmore has, so if anyone knows if there is one, I would love to know about that too.

Have a good week.


Connie said...

Michelle I just can't get over how knowledgeable you are about all the different machines! It is kinda cute!

Jeanna said...

I wish I could help solve your mystery, but sorry, I can't. You have made that machine look like new again! It is adorable!!

Amy, a redeemed sheep said...

Whatever she is, she is very pretty.

Elizabeth said...

I have a straight stitch Brother and a ZZ Brother. My ZZ looks a little different and is a front loader. The nice thing about the Japanese made machines, besides their precision, fit and finish, is that they come in so many pretty colors......What a beauty

Anonymous said...

Hi Michelle,
This one looks very similar to my blue machine.

I suspect mine is a Brother but have not had any time to do the research or work on my machine.

chris said...

Interesting, I have just found the same machine and have just oiled and rewired it, I got a new belt and bobbins from brother and a bobbin case from a local workshop here in the uk....Do you know what all the controls are and how you thread the machine up it would be handy to have a rough diagram.


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