Sunday, July 1, 2012

Kenmore 15

A friend (and coworker) gave me a sewing machine Thursday after work. He said he was going to throw it away, but asked if I would like it. ‘Sure!’

I’ll show you the ‘AFTER’ pictures first, then I’ll show you my journey of the cleanup. The Kenmore Machine Model Identification chart states this machine was built in 1966.

Kenmores 018

I love the little body ‘emblems’ on these old Japanese machines, and the ‘round’ features of the body. They remind me of vintage cars!

Kenmores 016

Kenmores 017

I knew there was beauty underneath, I just had to uncover it. Rolling on the floor laughing

Kenmores 001

Kenmores 003

Kenmores 002

This 'wheat’ or ‘seed’ of some sort kept falling out of the machine onto the needle plate during cleanup. I never did figure out just exactly where it was coming from!

Kenmores 012

We took it out of the cabinet and brought it into the house.


Kenmores 004


Kenmores 015

I thought it was clean, after spending a few hours working on it, and when I went to take a photo of the back, as I picked up the machine, I felt more grime. OH! I guess I wasn’t done! Back to cleaning!

Kenmores 009

There! That’s better. It could be a lot better, but I ran out of steam.

Kenmores 011

Kenmores 015

Louie changed out the knee control and cord, for a foot control from a recent Brother machine purchase that I am parting out…

kenmore 15 001

…and I’m waiting for a Kenmore 1A (and 1B) cam to arrive so this machine will zigzag before I test the stitches and tension. 1A will make a zigzag stitch, and 1B will make the blind stitch.

Everything moves like it is supposed to. For as long as it sat, nothing was ‘stuck’. I was a little surprised by that.

I like the two color ‘scheme’ of this machine. I do believe I will be keeping this one for my collection. I do love my Kenmores!

kenmore 15 003

A little ‘LOVE’ and ‘elbow grease’ can make all the difference in the world! (I wonder how many people in the world do not know what ‘elbow grease’ is). Winking smile


Update Monday 7/2/12: The cam is here and it works!

kenmore 15 001

kenmore 15 002


That corgi :) said...

I know what elbow crease is :) (does that "date" us with how old we are?) I too like the color scheme on this one.

My mom had a Brother machine (I'm not sure of the model, but I know she bought in around 1968 (give or take a year). In talking with my sister this past weekend, she said after my mom passed, she gave the machine to the repair man who used to fix my mom's machine on my mom's request; he was "itching" for it for parts :)


MQuilter said...

Free is always an excellent deal. You made this machine shine. Enjoy!

Jeanna said...

I keep wondering about that wheat or whatever that kept falling out of the machine - what in the world? Hopefully it is all gone now! Another great job and good little machine. You are the Queen!!

Packrat said...

Another fun machine. :)


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