Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Kenmore 1060

Saturday, after we delivered machines to The Sewing Machine Project, we did a little junkin’! At the last GW in Madison, my brother found this little Kenmore 1060 for me! I could hardly get it into my cart fast enough! I had heard of this machine, but had never seen one ‘in person’ before. This machine is larger by a little bit than the previous models (1030, 1040, 1050), so it did not have a carrying case. I think there may also be a model 1020 and a 1045. No, the machine is not blotchy. I took this picture when the sun was shining in my kitchen windows, and what you are seeing is the shadows from the design of my sheer curtain panels on the machine. Smile

Kennie 1060 004

This little button is the ‘rear support release button’.

Kennie 1060 008

That button kicks this rear leg ‘out’ to give the machine more support. Neat!!!

Kennie 1060 007

Oh, no….it did not come without some ‘stickiness’. The feed dogs were stuck in the UP position, which meant that it would feed fabric properly, but when you put it in ‘drop feed’ position, the feed dogs did NOT drop. Enter… dryer. A little heat and oil got them working properly. Also, the pattern selector knob on the very top of the machine did not turn well at all. I removed the top, and applied heat, and oiled everything that moved.  I applied more heat, and manually turned the knob back and forth until it turned freely. Years of non-use will do that. The oil gets gummy and hardens and acts like a varnish. The heat softens the oil again, and then you apply more oil and ‘work it’ until the movements are easy and free. I actually removed the bottom of the machine, and the ‘legs’ to get to the underside workings, and I removed the right end of the machine to oil the pulley for the motor and hand wheel. I now know it is properly oiled.

When I tried to do some test sewing, all I got was wads, and broken threads. The thread would not ‘clear’ the shuttle and just kept making more ‘loops’ around the bobbin case.

Kennie 1060 002

I worked on this for quite awhile, concentrating on the bobbin area. The machine had a severely bent needle in it, so my thoughts were that the needle damaged something. I exchanged the shuttle and put in a new bobbin holder. I tried a different bobbin. That fixed nothing. I decided to email my friend Elizabeth and ask her what to do, but before I did, I took a few pictures of the bobbin area, and while I was doing that, I figured it out. The thread had jumped out of the take up lever. I guess I should follow my own advice. When your machine doesn’t sew, RETHREAD it and see if that helps. If the thread is not in the takeup lever, it can NOT pull up the thread. Duh.Embarrassed smile

I had to adjust the tension some, but now it sews some pretty stitches, and they all work.

Kennie 1060 005

Kennie 1060 006

I bought a manual online for it, so now I just need to find a cute little case it will fit in, and it will be complete (to me).

manual 001

Click the photo if you would like to read about my little Kenmore 1030.



Click the following photo if you would like to read about my little Kenmore 1050.


Thanks for stopping by my blog and reading about yet another machine. I am keeping this one. I did find another one to donate to the SMP, but I haven’t cleaned it up yet. Maybe this weekend. Have a great Thursday, and a wonderful weekend!


Suzan said...

Thanks for the blow dryer tip! Now that I think about it, I run a little better when I am warmed up!

Kristie said...

Love the blow dryer tip, I wouldn't have thought of that. Nice looking machine. I love my Kenmore and sew on it pretty much everyday. It is one of my favorites.

Have a wonderful and Blessed day

StitchinByTheLake said...

Fascinating Michelle! I'm going to my sister's today (Missouri) and I'm planning to check out the GW and SA there. :) blessings, marlene

Elizabeth said...

I loved that email you sent. I loved it that you figured it all out and it was so SIMPLE a fix. And I loved it that I AM NOT THE ONLY ONE who looks and looks in one place for a problem that is elsewhere. We keep learning don't we??

Laura said...

Hey thanks for posting this! I have that same model, only mine is branded as Jaguar 370 (or Frister & Rossmann Cub 7/Globe Cub 7) elsewhere. I would not have known there was a rear kick stand if I hadn't read your blog. I have a bit of tension problem, but I will get it fixed. Would you know whether this little machine can sew leather, denim or canvas? I love Kenmores (or machines made by Maruzen/Jaguar), they seem like really robust.

John Stasky said...

I have a Kenmore 1060 and the special stitch dial will not turn, the machine runs perfectly, except for the dial. Can you help?, Any suggestions?

I can be reached at


Thrifty Canadian said...

I just bought this EXACT unit second hand from an online yard sale. I have NO idea how to sew. Might someone be able to show me exactly where the thread goes when threading the machine? So many nooks and crannies and none of the other videos online can help me. :(

Michelle said...

Thrifty Canadian,
I'd answer you and maybe try to help you but you are a no reply blogger and have left no return email address. (Sigh.....just like so many others who comment and want help...and I can't....)If you would change your settings to include an email address, it would make life so much easier! :)


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