Thursday, July 11, 2013

Quilting With The Park View Lutheran Ladies

Tuesday was a fun day! I went to sew with the Park View Lutheran Church quilting ladies. They make quilts for the homeless, the Veteran’s Hospital, Habitat for Humanity, and others. Read about them HERE. Kay Hartwig (in first photo) invited me to come join them sometime, and this was the first Tuesday that I had available to join them, so I did! She is sewing on a Singer Featherweight that she inherited from her mother. She said she remembers moving it around in closets when she lived at home, but she never remembers her mother sewing on it. There is a sales receipt from 1947 in the case.


I didn’t even have to bring my sewing machine. I used one of theirs.


I remembered a couple names of the ladies but not all. (I found out later their names and corrected this post.) This is Lynn. The ladies choose what they like to do, and they do it. With all the different likes, everything gets done. Lynn likes to piece the quilt tops.


Petra likes to cut squares.


This gal’s name is Barb. I told her if I got down on the floor they would have to call 911 to get me back up! She’s more limber than I am!


They take fabric donations, so I brought them some.

South Fork-20130708-00588

They were thrilled! The lady in the yellow top is Shirley. She is the leader, and the lady on the right is Helen. Such nice ladies!



Shirley and Petra are making plans for this panel. I do believe it will be a baby quilt when they are done with it.


The group usually stops about 2pm, but since I was a visitor, I asked if I could stay a little longer so I could finish my quilt top. Kay and Shirley stayed so I could finish it, then we picked stuff up and put it away. We left about 3:30.


The quilters make up ‘kits’. They even pin the pieces together in rows, so all you have to do is just sit and stitch! I love how they put a cross in the middle of their quilts. It’s their ‘trade mark’. I do believe I will make one of my own someday with their special design. This quilt is a ‘Veteran’ quilt (red, white and blue), and that is who will get it. Now that the top is finished, it will go to one of the ladies who has a long arm, and then it will be passed on to one of the ladies who like to sew on binding.

Ta da! Here I am with my quilt top!


Afterwards, Kay asked me to go to Eldridge with her for an ice cream cone. I did, and we visited at McDonald’s for longer than I thought, and then we sat in her van and visited again before I left to go home. I looked at the clock as I started the car. 6:40pm. Oh MY! Surprised smile I’m sorry for keeping you so long Kay, but I had a wonderful time!

I can’t wait to have another Tuesday off so I can go quilt with the Park View ladies again! Everyone was so nice, invited me to come back ANYTIME, and if I had a nickel for every time they thanked me for the fabric, I would have a bucket full of nickels!

You are welcome ladies! It was MY pleasure! I’m just sharing MY blessings. With God, you just can’t get ahead of Him!


Deborah Hamilton said...

That sounds like a wonderful day. Sewing, friends, and ice cream.

Cheryl's Teapots2Quilting said...

I love to stitch with groups of ladies. Sew much fun! and, you got to sew on a Rocketeer????? How cool!

Renea said...

You and Louie are THE most generous people I know. I am sure the ladies loved the fabric. The panel you are talking about I actually made a baby quilt out of it. I hope you get to go back and quilt with the ladies.

Kristie said...

What a great day! Looks like you had an amazing time and I'm sure they really appreciated all of that fabric, it will be put to good use.

Have a wonderful and blessed day

Missy Shay said...

Your quilt top looks great! It's always so much more fun to sew with friends, even new friends!


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